Please review your application in full and make payment prior to July 15, 2018 to reserve your display space. Cost to reserve space is $50.00(SALE PRICE). This contract is between Unity Works and the above vendor applicant for the Unity Works “BUY BLACK” event on August 4, 2018 located at the Conservatory Mansion Trenton, NJ 08609. The event begins on 12:00 pm and ends at 6:00 pm. Unity Works, the creators of the “BUY BLACK” event have the right and license agreement to hold the event. Vendor applicant will pay $50.00(SALE PRICE) for permission to vend at the aforementioned event and has agreed to prepare and complete cleaning vendor space by 7:00pm. Cancellations are to be made via Email to UNITYWORKSONLINE@GMAIL.COM at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of event. This package is for the reservation of the display space, the reserve space that is include it does NOT include table(s), chair(s). There are No refunds. Terms of agreement is set as follows: 1. Vendor will have access to the event 1 hour prior to the event to set up vending space. 2. Vendor will not vend any other goods/items other than as agreed to on this contract for the Event unless permission is granted in writing by Administrators of the Event. 3. Presentation can include props, banners, lighting and other material related to the said Event. 4. Materials that require hanging must be at least 60” from the floor and must be positioned deemed safe for the venue 5. Vendor and Administrator Staff may announce goods availability only while they are within the the confines of the vendor’s location. 6. Vendor is responsible for dismantle and clean up and discard at the designated area the close of the event by 7:00 pm. 7. Neither Unity Works, its sponsors, affiliates, guests or attendees will be responsible for damage left by said vendor. 8. Each vendor table will be no greater than 30”H x 72”W x 30”D unless otherwise agreed to with Unity Works in writing. This contract is for 1 table space unless otherwise noted in writing. 9. Space is allowed in front and behind the utilized or reserved vending table for seating, banners and other associated marketing material. 10. Unity Works reserves the right to demand an adjustment to any vendor space, station or display that Unity Works administrators deem to be unsafe, visually unacceptable or functionally unacceptable to the Unity Works business/event vision. 11. By signing this contract, you agree to all of the above terms of agreement and approve Unity Works and its Administrators to publish photographs, materials and objects at anytime prior to, during and after the event. In the event, you do not wish your photo be published, you must notify us via email UNITYWORKSONLINE@GMAIL.COM. 12. APPLICTANT/PURCHASER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING ANY LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS, REGISTRATIONS OR INSURANCE THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH CONDUCTING THIER BUSINESS. APPLICANT IS LIABLE FOR ANY ISSUES THAT MAY ARISE REGARDING ANY OF THE AFOREMENTIONED, UNITY WORKS IS NOT LIABLE. Unsigned contracts will be rejected and a verbal agreement is not valid. Please contact Administrators via email or written agreement with any amendments or changes. A new form may be needed depending on the volume of change. THIS AGREEMENT DOES NOT GO INTO EFFECT UNTIL PAYMENT IS MADE AND YOU HAVE RECEIVED WRITTEN APPROVAL OF YOUR VENDOR APPLICATION.


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